The Tsukiji wholesale fish market is still open to public

posted on October 15, 2016

  The Tsukii market, famous for its seafood trading, was to be relocated next month to a new site in the nearby Toyosu area (click here), but the scheduled opening has been put on hold because the decontamination work in Toyosu where a gas production plant once stood was not carried out as recommended by experts. Meanwhile, the wholesalers of Tsukiji were kept in dark about this lapse. Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials, who are in charge of the market, are carefully studying the current situation at the site to determine whether it is environmentally safe. It is now at the center of a controversy, but it is also a hot topic in the entertainment world in Japan. The movie entitled, “Tsukiji Wonderland” is just released in the movie theaters. The film reveals what Tsukiji makes so unique and special, putting a spotlight on its tradition, and the craftsmanship and passion of professionals. It is also an exclusive film in terms of the fact that the market granted permission for the first time for an unrestricted filming over 600 hours. However nearly 90% of the dialogues are in Japanese, which makes this masterpiece less accessible. Some subtitled versions seem to exist to enable its participation in international film festivals, but they are not yet available in envisaged worldwide distribution. Please enjoy its trailer in English for the time being.                     


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