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  Kon nichiwa! Hello from Japan! My name is Keiko. I am a government licensed English and French speaking guide-interpreter and a certified Japanese language instructor.

  Tokyo is my home for 40 years, during which I worked for radio stations as program director. I also lived in France for 1 year or so, and for 20 years now, I have been engaged in Japanese language teaching and given private lessons on Japanese language and culture to foreign nationals. At the same time, I offer personal advice and assistance to English speaking tourists (and French speaking tourists) during their stay in Japan and accompany them as a tour guide.

  My real passion is travel not only inside but also outside the country; my destination list so far includes 30 countries extensively in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, and of course Japan! Every time I travel, there are always wonders that impress me. Discovery is a treasure which enriches the spirit of traveler. I would like to share my passion for travel with people coming over from all around the world. Showing you a variety of aspects and wonders of Japan, I will do my best to make your travel pleasant and unforgettable.

What our customers say..

  “We had Keiko for a full day tour and she delivered a great day of information and wonderful sites for us. She does her research for the changing special events for the seasons. She knew that the Geishas were serving tea and cookies for only 1 more day during Cherry Blossom season, so we added that to our mix of interesting things to see and do. We let her make all of the decisions as to where we should go and what to see. She communicated via email with us before our trip and asked what we would be interested in seeing and we let her know that we were foodies and she had prepped special places for us to try during our day. I can not tell you how happy we were with our day with her in Tokyo! Spend your travel monies with Keiko, you won't be disappointed! Wear your best walking shoes, she can move like a fish in the water through Tokyo.... if you can keep up with her!”   

― Cinthia (USA)

  "We spent a day in Nikko, which was filled to the brim by our wonderful guide Keiko.  It was a fascinating escape from bustling Tokyo, as if we slipped back in time to the days of the Shogun. She was very entertaining with many anecdotes about life in Japan. She took us around efficiently in the Toshogu shrine and showed a mystery spot in the main prayer hall where you can hear the voice of the dragon echoing among the wooden pillars. After an excellent traditional lunch, which she had researched in advance, we headed for the valley of the Jizo, where hundreds of guardian figures carved in stone stand amid towering cypresses along the rushing mountain stream. Keiko is a great unassuming guide, who is perfectly prepared and listens to every wish and special need."

― Nick (Canada)




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Reserve on on line a personalized tour in Tokyo and across Japan, accompanied by an English speaking private guide.