[Video] Autumn colors will soon sweep down across the archipelago!

Click below and enjoy beautiful autumn leaves in Hokkaido!

updated on October 26, 2017

  The differences between each passing season in Japan are very pronounced. This can be enjoyed particularly by its colors; pure white of snow in winter, pale pink of cherry blossoms in spring, lush green of mountains in summer and vivid red/orange/yellow of the leaves in autumn. Now it's time to go out in search of autumnal colors and a gift of nature. The autumn leaves “momiji” front sweeps down across the Japanese Archipelago from Hokkaido, northern Japan, to reach Kyushu, southern Japan, over the course of 3 months. The latest autumn foliage forecast has been released from the Japan Weather Association  (autumn leaves momiji forecast 2017) . Below are the expected dates of the best time to view the autumnal colors across Japan. According to the forecast, their arrival in some parts of Kansai region (Kyoto, Nara, etc.) will be a little earlier than average year.


Beautiful Japanese garden in the Nezu Museum, in Tokyo




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